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How To Screen Record on Android

Your Android phone can do a lot (just as much as an Apple iPhone), whether that’s play games, stream your favorite shows, or keep you in touch with your friends on the go. But did you know your Android device can also record its own screen thanks to the screen recording feature? When you want to record a text message or capture a funny video to share with your coworkers later, it helps to know how to screen record on Android.

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The Value Guide to Understanding Phone Plans

Phone plans are confusing. There are so many options out there that it can be completely overwhelming to the point that you do not even understand what you are looking at anymore. There are long-term contracts, phone deals that require specific types of data plans, all kinds of cellular generations to keep track of, and different carriers with diverse coverage maps. It all gets to be too much for the average person without any background on how phone plans work.

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Who Has the Best 5G Network?

With 5G taking over as the standard for cellular devices, it makes sense to be overwhelmed by the information out there. It is still new, and there is a lot that we can’t be sure about. One of the biggest questions has to be which carrier of smartphone plans has the best 5G network.

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