Turn Your Tax Return into a NEW iPhone or A Year of Wireless Service

tax refund for a new iphone

Welcome to RedPocket Mobile, where we're all about maximizing your tech and connectivity without maxing out your budget.

If you're looking for quality, affordability, and freedom in your wireless service and tech gear, RedPocket is your go-to.

We're here to ensure you stay connected and technologically equipped without the hefty price tag, making your hard-earned tax return work for you.

Smart Investing with Your Tax Return

Investing your tax return in technology and wireless service is not just about upgrading your gadgets or extending your nationwide connectivity—it's about enhancing your lifestyle while securing significant savings.

With major carriers charging upwards of $150+ per month for basic wireless service, the costs can quickly add up, often exceeding $1800 annually.

RedPocket presents an attractive alternative, allowing you to divert your tax return into a new iPhone or a year's worth of wireless service, saving you hundreds of dollars.

This wise investment allows you to treat yourself to the latest technology. If you don't need a new device, you can also enjoy an affordable wireless plan, leaving ample room in your budget to pursue what you love.

Annual Plan Sale: A Year of Nationwide Connectivity

Our Annual Plans Sale allows you to lock in a year's worth of unlimited talk, text, and data at unbeatable prices. With plans tailored to every need and lifestyle, along with 5G+ high-speed data allotments, you can enjoy:

  • For the Light User: $89 for 1GB of 5G+ high-speed data, down from $99.
  • The Everyday Communicator: $150 for 5GB of 5G+ high-speed data, reduced from $180.
  • The Data Enthusiast: $240 for 20GB of 5G+ high-speed data, down from $300.
  • The Unlimited User: $300 for Unlimited 5G+ high-speed data, originally $360.

Exclusive iPhone Promotion: Upgrade Your Device and Save

Ready for a new iPhone? Our exclusive iPhone offers let you upgrade to the latest models while enjoying incredible savings. These are the details:

  • Instant $200 Off + $200 Rebate: Includes iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max with 3 months of AutoPay on qualifying plans starting at $20/month.
  • Instant $100 Off + $200 Rebate: Valid for all other iPhone models with 3 months of AutoPay on qualifying plans starting at $20/month.

These iPhone shop offers are available for both new customers & existing customers on a qualifying plan.

Offer cannot be combined with other promos. While supplies last. Pricing is subject to change.

Conclusion: Make the Most of Your Tax Return with RedPocket

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Use your tax return to invest in a new iPhone or a year of top-tier wireless service with RedPocket. Visit our annual plans page today to find the perfect annual plan and visit our Shop to take advantage of our limited-time iPhone offer.

With RedPocket, elevate your mobile experience and savings to new heights.

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