Hacking Your Cell Phone Bill

Is your cell phone bill ridiculously high? Do you find yourself paying for features you don’t even know how to use, or perhaps have those dreaded data overcharges? Fear not! There is a better way! You can still have great coverage, get those overpriced (yet highly necessary) peppermint mocha lattes, and STILL save money! 

According to a recent study, 97% of Americans own a cell phone - yet the cost of a plan has remained high (the average around $144 per month). The average American cell phone user utilizes a major, commercialized network, and often gets roped in for above-average prices - often much higher than one would like to spend on an average plan. They are sold on features they don’t really need or frankly, even use, and often find themselves accumulating small fees, on top of an already high monthly rate. 


10 Tips & Tricks

  1. Most people subscribe to cell phone plans that do not fit their needs. Be sure to find a plan that fits your needs the best! If you tend to barely utilize your overpriced “Unlimited Plan”, you might want to consider an alternative (cheaper) option. Suggestion! Review your average data usage from your current carrier, to see what type of plan you actually need. You might even consider reaching out to them if you’re not quite sure how to look this up yourself. 
  2. Do not also forget to take into account excellent customer service. Let’s face it, sometimes we drop the ball and forget to take care of a certain charge, or go over a little on our data. While sometimes these fees are inevitable, having a helpful and friendly customer service individual go over the issue with you, can make these charges slightly more pleasant. Reminder! Make sure you can receive help through chat, email, social media, or even a phone call (although this is usually the last resort these days!). Having a great customer service representative can make all the difference!
  3. After you are familiar with your perfect plan and correct data needs, start the comparison game - with cell phone plans that is. While lesser-known wireless carriers can often create some hesitation when it comes to cell phone plans, these can often be the most inexpensive option for the customer, whether it is for a singular or family plan. It is important not to count these out when comparing the prices of different plans. Many of these lesser-known carriers also let you keep your same number and phone as well! (They can even offer great deals on new phones that are competitive to offers from more popularized carriers.) 
  4. Oftentimes, major, more favored carriers will charge singular lines astronomical amounts, simply because they can. Smaller, more intimate carriers, such as Red Pocket Mobile are usually available at only a fraction of the cost, whether there is one phone or a whole family on your plan. Do not count these smaller carriers out!
  5. Take into account if you are using your cell phone data package as your primary source of internet, or if you have broadband at home. An increasing percentage of Americans according to recent research, are now using their smartphone as their primary source of internet, and are opting not to pay for broadband at home (a rising 15% according to the Pew Research Center). If you fall into this category, you will absolutely want to find an unlimited plan, rather than trying to get by on a smaller data plan - which could ultimately end up in excessive data overage charges.
  6. Always be on the lookout for deals! Many companies, both larger and lesser-known, offer excellent deals during various holidays if you need to upgrade your plan, upgrade your phone, or add a line. Life happens, and it’s important to make what could be an expensive change more affordable if possible!
  7. It is also helpful to check if you qualify for any additional savings! Often, senior citizens, students, the military, teachers, and others may qualify for an additional discount. It costs you absolutely nothing to simply ask the carrier you are considering if any of these options (or others that may apply to you) are offered!
  8. Higher-end cell phones may have a higher upfront cost, but they can last you much longer! It is very tempting to always want to upgrade your phone at every possible moment, but consider investing in the top-of-the-line phone once every few years, rather than the second (or third best) best option every year. Using a top-of-the-line phone for as long as possible can save you money in the long run.
  9. Once you find a great deal on your phone for either yourself or the whole family, make a small investment in a decent cell phone case! Let’s face it, the chances of you dropping your phone are almost guaranteed, but if you invest in a cell phone case for your phone, dropping it (with the case on) protected will be minorly inconvenient, rather than a ridiculously expensive trip to fix it. Additionally, screen protectors also offer additional protection for potentially cracked screens. A small upfront price will save you a huge headache (and unnecessary costs) later!
  10. The most important hack is to always make sure you have the flexibility to alter your plan throughout the year, with your changing needs. Often, individuals will overlook being locked into a plan, just to go with a more popular carrier. When locked into a plan, it is often difficult to make necessary changes for yourself or your family.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out Red Pocket Mobile and compare prices. It doesn’t hurt to check it out, and it’s even better to save money each month! So start looking, and start saving (so you can drink that special holiday latte!)


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