Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day with 10th Workavesaries

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Today Red Pocket Mobile is honoring the 10th Workaversaries of two of our customer service superstars, Love and Mazel. We are incredibly grateful for them this week as they help guide our customers through the 3G network shutdown that began last week on February 22.

They started their journey at Red Pocket on the same day in January 2012. Love and Mazel are highly dedicated and caring team members who consistently go above and beyond every day. 

We’re so grateful to have such positive, supportive, and hyper-collaborative team members, like Love and Mazel, who genuinely care about helping others. They are everyday heroes, from helping our customers with their service plans and phones to troubleshooting support challenges.

Meet Love

Love started as a Customer Service Representative and quickly grew into her current role as a Customer Support General Manager, responsible for all the agents' needs when answering customer calls.  She’s the one who makes sure that all knowledge of Red Pocket products and services is cascaded to all the agents before they hit the floor. She puts “love” into everything she does for her team and customers.

Love works quietly but gets it done fast and efficiently. She’s patient, hardworking and you can always count on her taking charge during Customer Service persistent issues.  Scott Ballard, Director of Productivity, expresses, “She’s always the one who thinks of others first before she thinks of herself.  She’s a team player and works well with her colleagues. I’m grateful not just to have her on our team, but she’s also a dear friend."

Meet Mazel

Mazel started as a Customer Service Representative and quickly grew into her current role as a Customer Service Quality Assurance (QA) Manager and is responsible for ensuring timely and accurate resolution of customer requests. 

Emma, Red Pocket’s Dealer Support Manager, says, “Having worked with Mazel for most of the years she’s been with Red Pocket, I’ve been used to her getting super focussed when she gets down to business.  Although we only meet on Live Chat daily, you would always sense her smile in her chats. She is one to appreciate you as a colleague and a friend.” 

The Red Pocket Customer Support Team is exceptionally fortunate to have long-standing employees like Love and Mazel. These incredible women inspire and delight us every day, making work feel less like work and more like a work family. Thank you, Love and Mazel and the entire Red Pocket team, for your hard work and dedication to our company and our customers! 

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